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They are the spiritual center of the group. The newest member who found his powers in the depths of the Ta-Tala. He can manipulate anyone's consciousness. He can also generate energy shields to protect allies and generate containerised energy bombs to attack enemies.



He is the first deputy in the AN-FIVES'. He gets his power from the particle called TRIVANAM. So he can control space, and his weapon of choice is a Bow made of stardust, and he fires Energised Arrows.


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She is the leader of AN-FIVESʼ and the daughter of the high council of Planet Five. She gets her power from the particle called ARNIKA. She can summon charged weapons and build powerful energy balls that can cause immense damage and cause tremendous damage with her final blow.


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He was recruited by AN-TRON when she was trying to search for the missing piece in the equation of her elemental soul reality. He likes to smoke rolled cigars made from the flower of Vi-tala and has acquired a unique gun that can derive power from his energy source of anti-matter.



He is the second deputy of the AN-FIVES' and group's muscle, with the physical strength to break a star into 2 pieces. He gets his power from the particle called BHARAṆYUḤ and uses his knuckles to hit the enemies with fire punches. 


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Welcome to the world of AN-ONE!!!!

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