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Helping Comic Book community become bigger and bolder


Here at CuriousBit Publications, we are actively seeking new stories to tell. Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to us, please read our official submission guidelines below. Good luck!

HOW TO SUBMIT TO CuriousBit Publications:

CuriousBit Publications will only publish creator-owned material. We’re only interested in publishing original content for which you would retain all rights. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters—CuriousBit Publication characters or otherwise—as they will automatically be declined. We are not interested in AI-generated artwork.

CuriousBit Publications will publish creator-owned/creator-generated properties and WE DON’T PAY PAGE RATES. CuriousBit will take a flat percentage fee ( based on printed cost) off the books published post recovering the cost of printing and distributing the books if printing and distributing is handled by us, and it will be the responsibility of the creators to determine the division of the remaining pay between their creative team members. We will retain publishing writes for the next 5 years for any future stories concerning titles/storylines we publish which will reset every time we publish a new book under the same title/storyline.

Things often change from the proposal to the printed page. If the intended title of your book is awkward or unwieldy, we may suggest changing it. If your logo is unreadable we may suggest changing it. There have been cases where we’ve designed logos, helped redesign characters, and done cover sketches. However, no changes will be made without the creator's approval.


We accept inking, pencilling, lettering, or colouring samples. These will be kept on file and you may be contacted if and when the occasion presents itself. If your art-only submission is not kept on file, you will not get a response. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ART as your work will not be returned.

We accept proposals only (see Proposal Requirements below)—please do not send storyboards, scripts, notes, or manuscripts—anything other than a proposal that meets the below specifications will be automatically declined.


  1. A brief, typed cover letter that summarizes your project and your previous work, if relevant. Include contact information (name, e-mail address, address, phone and fax numbers) printed on the top of the page. Submissions are responded to via e-mail only.

  2. A typed, one-page, synopsis of the overall story arc (not just of the first issue). Please keep this as succinct as possible and include major plot points and spoilers. Tell us what sets your story apart from other comics and be clear as to who the target audience is (“Everyone” is not realistic—there is no single book on the market today that everybody buys). You can tell us whether you see it as a full-colour or a black-and-white book, a miniseries or an ongoing series, a prestige book or an original graphic novel. There are times, however, when we may suggest what format we think will be most successful for your story in the current market.

  3. Photocopies of fully inked and lettered sequential story art pages (any size, but no character sketches or bios). DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ART as your work will not be returned. Please include a minimum of five pages that are fully inked and lettered. We may make suggestions based on these, but we are primarily concerned with your understanding of the medium and how to tell a sequential story. Color is OPTIONAL. If you have a colourist and plan on this being a coloured book, it would be advisable, we may suggest a different colourist if we decide to acquire the project.

  4. A cover mock-up—this lets us know whether or not you understand the market and gives us a good barometer of your design sense. With creator approval, this may go through a redesign if we decide to acquire your project.

  5. Email all submissions to We are not accepting physical submissions at this time.


  • The creative team in your pitch is the one we expect to see actually working on your book. If the artist you pitched with leaves the team, you will need to re-submit your proposal with the new creative team line-up. This also means that with all ongoing titles, we need to be made aware of and approve all changes to the creative team.

  • Do not hand CuriousBit Publication employees submissions at comic book conventions. Your submission will be misplaced or discarded.

  • If you do not receive a reply within one month of submitting consider your proposal declined. If you do not include an e-mail address in your proposal it will automatically be declined.

  • Please do not include praise or testimonials. We are only interested in your work as it stands on its own merits.

  • We are not looking for any specific genre of comic book. We are looking for comics that are well-written and well-drawn, by people who are dedicated and can meet deadlines.

  • Finally, You can be assured—accepted or not—that your property will remain yours.

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