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Night Sky with Stars

During initial wars with the primordial sixth, An-Fives' were looking for a missing elemental piece of the Suva-Loka. As told by the elders and documented by the visioners, the lore talks about the immense power it grants the one who can break it open.


An-Tron and An-Muon found an abandoned ship from the Army of the sixth near the location as per the MAP shared by visioners.


I think we need to check this ship. Have the other meet us here

Ok! Others have confirmed. I think we can infiltrate through the damaged area near the rear engine.

An-Muon has opened a portal to the exact location of the pillar; as they step in, they find the army of the primordial sixth trying to dislodge the pillar of phenomenal strength.


To be Continued...

Who Are We

Who We Are

We are working on building the universe more in-depth. You can always support us by buying our comics, and subscribing to our mailer list to participate in our upcoming Kickstarter.

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