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After the primordial star of our reality started to burn, its flames propagated the cosmic heat to bring life to our universe. Founders of Ancient Astro Mathematical probability predicted that there would be a leader who shall exist to protect all reality. But to balance the odds, they had an unknown in their equation. 


Then came the revered AN-FIVES' and AN-ONE/Major Vaayu is a direct descent of AN-TRON, leader of the AN-FIVES.

AN-ONE/Major Vaayu is son of Colonel V.K and Kalyani/M-Kaali. He is part of the Indian Space Agency, providing military support for Moon exploration. Two years back, He lost his father to a car crash, and his mother survived but has been in a coma. He goes through a series of events, and old suppressed memories start to come back where he learns about himself, his family, and the prophesized encounter.

The inspiration for the comic book is the stories told to us by our elders. There are 14 realities in ancient religious texts, moving in an infinite state. Fourteen realities are further divided into Seven Upper LOKA and Seven Lower TALA groups. Bringing a balance to life.

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